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Who am I?


​Designer, Creative, Apprentice, Wife, Mother, Volunteer, Councilman, Metalsmith and one woman show.


I have always been a Creative: from drawing to painting to crafts.  Jewelry is an art form I learned later in life. As I shared my love of art with my daughters, they gave me a love for making jewelry.


This love was sparked by the fun we had making those cute little hemp friendship bracelets on Girl Scout camping trips.​


Soon I had my own adventures designing and creating jewelry.  Making jewelry as gifts gave way to selling at fine art shows and online.​ In the beginning, I worked primarily in Sterling Silver and in 2019, I began working as an apprentice to a Master Goldsmith, Rob Piland. I am fortunate to have hands on experience working with Gold and fine gems under his tutelage.​


You will find my pieces to be light, simple, elegant.  Mix, match and layer my designs with your existing collection. Or let us work together to create something special. Creating One-of-a-Kind custom pieces is the best part of my job! ​


2024 is my year to Reimagine what Precious Metalz Jewelry can become.  I am working hard every day to create the perfect jewelry for you, my dream client, and bring affordable elegance to hardworking people everywhere. 


Thank you to all my supporters and the Precious Inner Circle who support this humble jeweler.

I look forward to create more wearable, affordable, customizable art for you. 


Precious Metalz Jewelry is

 for everyone

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