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Finding Purpose

My Purpose is... You.

After many years of making jewelry and trying to figure out what my “niche” was or where I truly belonged, it came to me in a flash one day.

I was talking to my daughter about her current problem. Anyone who has children, there is ALWAYS a problem. Anyway, we talked, we cried, and we came up with a solution together for her particular “problem”. Yes, Mom saved the day...again.

Then it hit on me. What is my purpose? To help people, to make them happy, to solve their problems, to make them smile. So this year, it will be year of PMJ making it all about you! What do YOU need? How can I help? What can I do FOR you?

Yes, my lives as a secretary, wife, mom, PTA member, Girl Scout Leader, Personal Trainer, volunteer, Town Council Member and finally, Jeweler, are all roles in which the ultimate goal was the happiness of the people around me.

Now I get to help people with my creativity. Let me help you find that perfect gift. Let me make that perfect piece of wearable art that will make your special someone smile. Or let's find something perfect for you!

Let us embark on that journey together and let me help you ... smile.

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