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Jewelry Size Guides

We know that ordering the jewelry online can be challenging at best,

so we have made it simple.

Check out the resources below to get that perfect size!

Ring Sizer

We are happy to have a reusable ring sizer available so you can get the most accurate measurement. Click here to order your ring sizer: Reusable Ring Sizer and you will get it in a couple days. 

Can't wait? You can also use our printable ring sizer.

Download the sizer HERE, and be sure to print at 100% to get the right size.


  • Wider band width, size up 1/2

  • If stacking several rings, consider sizing up 1/2 size

Necklace Size Guide 2.jpg

Necklace Sizes

You are unique, and necklaces will look different on different people. There are two ways to discern your ideal chain length.

You can use this handy guide to gauge your necklace length.  You can also use a length of string and wrap it around your neck to your desired length.  Mark it with a pen and then lay it out on a table and measure the length.  This is YOUR perfect length!

Remember that a necklace with a pendant will hang a little bit longer.

Bracelet Sizer

Bracelets are a little easier to size your wrist.  

Precious Metalz Bracelets are available in two designs, a cuff and a link bracelet.  When measuring, remember you may want the cuff to be a little more snug.

Add 1/2 inch to your wrist size if you wish a little more dangle on your bracelet.

Bracelet Size Guide inches_edited.jpg
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