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Precious Metalz Jewelry is your jewelry store.  Get the elegant, timeless designs that can be worn alone or with other pieces in your collection. Affordable elegance, handcrafted with your style in mind.

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PMJ Home Show

Let me bring the Jewelry Store to you! No obligation to buy, no pressure to "recruit". We offer you an opportunity to see some lovely jewelry while earning up to $20 in PMJ Bucs for each $300 in sales to spend on any PMJ Jewelry.

Schedule your home show with Carol on a day you can have some friends over. Each guest will get special discounts, show deals and a minimum of 10% off everything!


BONUS: Each Hostess will work with Carol to create a special signature One-of-a-Kind that is your very own for an amazing 50% off!

Provide a few snacks and get ready to have some fun!

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