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New One-of-a-Kinds 

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Do you need a unique gift soon?

Precious Metalz One-of-a-Kind pieces are ready to ship, and like her,

there is only one in the world!


Lisa, Boyce, VA

The Chrysocolla and silver necklace is one of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry. The classic design looks great with a nice blouse for work or with jeans and a t-shirt on the weekend.  Every single time I wear it I get multiple compliments!

Tasha Love.jpeg

Alicia, Marshall, VA

It is appropriate that the first piece of jewelry that I bought from Carol was the ‘Love’ necklace because I have loved each of the many pieces I have bought from her

Tim's Gold.jpeg

Tim, Leesburg, VA

My wife absolutely loves her necklace. The pendant was super special to her, and I can’t stop looking at it. You brought my vision to life."

What are people saying about PMJ Jewelry??


Bring your vision to life

Welcome to Precious Metalz Jewelry. 


Precious Metalz is on a mission in 2024 to Reimagine what my jewelry can mean to you.


What can you Imagine your jewelry to be? Will it be a statement of your personality? Will it be a reflection of your wit, charm, and fun loving nature? Will it be a symbol of your affections?


​Let me help you bring your vision to life!

PMJ OOAK-2.jpg

PMJ Home Show

Let me bring the Jewelry Store to you! No obligation to buy, no pressure to "recruit". We offer you an opportunity to see some lovely jewelry while earning up to $20 in PMJ Bucs for each $300 in sales to spend on any PMJ Jewelry.

Schedule your home show with Carol on a day you can have some friends over. Each guest will get special discounts, show deals and a minimum of 10% off everything!


BONUS: Each Hostess will work with Carol to create a special signature One-of-a-Kind that is your very own for an amazing 50% off!

Provide a few snacks and get ready to have some fun!

Click here to get started: 



What does a piece of jewelry mean to you?

I never believed the adage that jewelry was a luxury, a want, an unnecessary evil. I believe that jewelry says something about a person, that it says something about YOU.

• Do you value a unique look?
• Do you want something that no one else has?
• Do you want to be a force in the creation of the jewelry you wear everyday?
• Does your jewelry represent a moment in time for you?
• Does jewelry make you feel a certain way?
• Does jewelry enhance and complete you?

Let me help you fulfill those dreams and find those moments.


Questions? Comments? Interested in booking a Home Show? 

Complete this form and we will be in touch shortly.

PO Box 1255
Berryville, VA 22611


Thanks for submitting!

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